Los Angeles VR coverange Space Round Table EU

1RTX Space California Round Table.jpgRocket took off, next event in Los Angeles. California Space Center expanding and co-led the event as a special partner with Round Table Space Defense technology and M. Lisiecki ! And we are leading with Space Endeavour and VR in Space as a space platform – theme park and virtual presence. Samsung Oculars and demo provided by Thierry Proto –Paris Singapore with whom I am forming a company space vr. Ms. Anna Nalecz-Kobierzycka – Ministry of Economy made the event shine as well. We has government and Air Force VPs and elite of the space industry .

These was on of the largest gatherings of VIPs

I announced plans of expanding beyond Lompoc specific location. Julia photographed, Grant led the start up part of the Round Table. Michal Lisiecki on his way to Los Angeles and we will address Vandenberg March NASA rocket launch as well as US Space conference in Los Angeles with viewing of the Mars Rocket launch and visit at the Ronald Reagan Rancho next to Vandenberg and hold investors in space round table .

Back in Los Angeles